Lu Liangjun: China Telecom¡¯s Development Goal of 100-million 5G Terminal Access by 2021

Updated:2020/11/11 13:30

Lu Liangjun, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Marketing Department, said that China Telecom’s terminal cooperation had continued to grow from January to October, with the terminal access reaching 170 million, up 12% from a year earlier. It is expected that annual total terminal access will exceed 200 million, covering 130 million for mobile phones (32 million for 5G mobile phones), 20 million for home terminals (14 million for routers) and 24 million for IOT equipment (73% for gas meters and water meters).

Lu Liangjun pointed out that in the future, the terminal would develop mainly towards three trends: continuous growth of terminal scale, acceleration of channel integration and new development of cloud network-enabled terminals. China Telecom will always stick to terminal development of all categories, integration of terminal business with marketing and improvement of channel capacity.

China Telecom’s development goal by 2021 is to increase 5G access to 100 million, covering 60 million for smart home terminals and 30 million for industrial terminals. Specifically, it aims to promote the popularization of 5G, including sales of terminals accounting for more than 80%, launch of 5G mobile phones costing around RMB 1000 and full switch of SA. China Telecom will provide installment funds of RMB 20 billion, containing the contract incentives of RMB more than 10 billion.

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