About C114

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About C114

Founded in 1999, C114 is the leading professional online media focused on ICT industry. With the rapid growth of China's ICT industry, C114 is committed to providing our readers  services with good quality including news, information, public relations, exhibition cooperation, forum, consultant, and E-business.

Corporate Culture

Top ICT online media in Asia
Proactive, Innovative, Timely, Objective

Top online media in ICT industry

Services covering information, forum, human resources, e-Marketing.

Creative new services, media concepts, products, etc.

Value delivery
Integrate the value of whole industry chain; close partner of enterprises and media

Rich experiences
We use our unique innovative ability to provide professional service for our clients.

The first decade greetings

For ideal, we seize the day
For duty, we brave the setback
For success, we faith in the future
Let us go hand in hand & continue to write our own history.

1999  C114 was officially established
2001  C114 became the appointed cooperative website of China’s five Telecom Operators.
2002  Gain a massive amount of traffic
2003  Establishing cooperation with major domestic media
2004  Website traffic keep top for 5 consecutive years.
2005  Enterprise subscribers surpassed 10 thousands, website traffic passed 100 million.
2006  Acquire a top VOIP website and donate a" Hope " School
2007  Host a General Manager Seminar for SMES
2008  Host  “ China FTTH Development Summit ”
2009  10th Anniversary of C114; Host 2nd China FTTH Development Summit


C114 Forum launched the Hope Road activity.
2006 donate money to build BaiYang school in LiJiang City YunNan Province.
2007 donate money to build YuHeHe school in LiJiang City YunNan Province.
2008 donate money to help people in earth-quaking area in SiChuan Province.
2009 donate money to help poor Students in NingLang Country YunNan Province.

C114 Brand,,,,,

C114 Portal

C114 is the professional online media which covers  ICT industry.  C114 provides

information such as data communications, switch devices, telecommunication network, fiber

communications, power, mobile communications, test instrumentations, etc.

C114 Forum
Integrate Hi-tech talents domestically and internationally

C114 owns a large and professional communication forum. It is very popular in the

industry, since its establishment in 2002. According to a recent data, the registered members

surpassed 580,000.

C114 B2B Website
Helps industry buyers connect with suppliers and vice versa

C114 B2B website was officially established in July 2004. A platform was offered to benefit

companies with the use of advanced internet technology and carry out an all-round way business

services. By the end of November 2010, registered members of C114 B2B website surpassed 511,380.

Meanwhile, its comprehensive database, brand popularity and experienced customized services, all

make C114 B2B website holds an important position in the B2B business or ICT industry.

C114 HR Platform
Application  jobs  training——professional HR services

C114 HR website was established in Sep, 2006, has four-year operation history of telecom, human resources and a large number of experts in the communication industry. It has accumulated a lot of data. Compared with the other comprehensive application websites, C114 HR website can direct at industry enterprises.

As for enterprises, C114 HR website enjoys clear-cut managing function of enterprises, and provides help to efficiently regulate plans, requirements, job publishing, talents search, evaluation and other human resource services.

As for personal users, C114 HR website offers the publishing of resume, match between applicants and enterprises, on-line application, reception of resume and interview, etc.


To publicize enterprises through columns, various media and advertisement.

Company topic displays comprehensive news, hot events and market strategies.

To carry on interview and design specialized topic with professional staff.

Direct Mail for 40 thousand mails to subscribers everyday

Online seminar to realize real-time meeting and Hi-Tech Seminar

Activity to host press conference and New products, etc

Enterprises can tell their stories and culture in Enterprise Column


Our goal is to make C114 the global professional ICT online media, and it is a wish of all C114 staff. In 2009, C114 celebrates its first decade birthday. At that moment, we sincerely thank our partners, customers who always support and care about our growth. Here we'd like to give our thanks to all C114 staff for their persistent, hard work in decades.

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