Wu Hequan: 5G Users in China May Exceed Ten Million by Year-end

Updated:2019/12/22 16:46

In a recent interview, Wu Hequan, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that 5G in China was put into commercial operation in June this year and was open to all users in October. He expected that 5G signals would cover main urban areas in major cities of China with an estimated number of users exceeding 10 million. However, according to Wu, the true development of 5G network construction and growth of 5G users would depend mostly on the year of 2020 when the coverage of 5G networks would be much better.

As Wu Hequan stated, there were more than a hundred of 4G terminals in the era of 4G, however, there were merely around a few dozens of 5G terminals at present. He believed that in the future, there would be more varieties of 5G terminals beyond the form of mobile phones but with the emergence of other 5G terminals such as virtual reality devices, augmented reality devices, smart panels and digital speakers.

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