China Mobile: World's Biggest 5G Network Built with Coverage of 130M+ 5G Scheme Subscribers

Updated:2020/11/13 18:11

Since China Mobile delivered its "5G+" Plan at Shanghai in last June, its 5G services have been booming. Over 130 million subscribers pay for its 5G schemes, including 80 million 5G endpoint subscribers. Right now China Mobile is working on 100 leading demonstration projects in key industries, with ambition of becoming the world's biggest 5G carrier," said Zhang Dong, General Manager of Marketing, China Mobile.

For that end, China Mobile has built the world's biggest 5G network covering all prefecture-level cities and some key counties nationwide, advancing the completion of construction. Using the current 200M bandwidth of 2.6GHz and 4.9GHz frequency bands and subsequent 700MHz frequency band offered by partners, China Mobile can offer the best 5G customer experience. Based on downlink 200M bandwidth carrier aggregation, its 5G network's measured rate hits 3.2Gbps+. In addition, China Mobile has also built the world's biggest SA network comprising 350,000 SA base stations for SA commercialization in 337 cities.

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