Over 50 5G Pre-commercial Networks Distributed by Huawei and other Global Leading Operators

Updated:2018/9/21 14:54

At the "First China RadioComm Conference" today, Chen Danqing, the head of wireless MKT department in China of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., said that at present, Huawei and the world's other global leading operators have distributed more than 50 5G pre-commercial networks in some developed cities.

And Huawei's clear terminal roadmap will propel 5G to quickly enter people’ s life: the world's first 5G commercial CPE will be launched in 2018; in the first half of 2019, Huawei will launch 5G Mobile Wi-Fi, and in the second half, 5G smartphones will be launched.

The ecological pre-construction is also the key to the success of 5G. Huawei continues to open for cooperation to build a healthy5G ecosystem. According to Chen Danqing, the number of Huawei X Labs industry partners has increased to 283, and there are currently 4 special interest groups and 49 cooperation projects.

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