China Mobile Starts to Purchase the 2nd Batch of 5G Test Terminals

Updated:2019/5/10 13:50

On May 7, China Mobile Group Device Co., Ltd. (CMDC) announced the centralized purchasing plan for the second batch of 2,700 5G test terminals with an estimated value up to 30 million RMB.

The new centralized purchasing plan is seen as not very exciting, compared with the large scale centralized purchasing of tens of millions of mobile phones amounting to billions of RMB in the 3G or 4G era. However, it will be a perfect stage where the real strength of 5G industrial chain and all major terminal suppliers can be tested. It is expected that market players, such as Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and Samsung, will exert every effort to participate in bidding.

Interestingly, China Mobile clearly stated that it intends to select six suppliers this time. It means that the new centralized purchasing will have a happy ending, or in other words, the suppliers above are all likely to win the bid.

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