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China Mobile: Working Hard to Deploy 300 Thousand 5G Base Stations by the End of this Year

Updated:2020/2/24 23:05

Dong Xin, the vice-general manager of China Mobile Communication Group Co., Ltd. told the reporter recently that: China Mobile will work hard to secure the threefold aspects of communication, service and epidemic prevention & control. It would orderly begin the resume of work and production and pace up in its “5G+” plan.

It is reported that China Mobile has finished its phase one in the 5G project and that the commercialized use of 5G has been achieved in 50 cities.

Recently the group has launched the test and purchasing of the equipment for the phase two of the 5G project.

It is working hard to deploy 300 thousand 5G base stations by the end of this year and to ensure that every prefecture-level city in China will be able to enjoy commercialized service of 5G in 2020.

“China Mobile is actively promoting the resume of work and production for 5G. The goal of 300 thousand 5G base station deployment by the end of 2020 will remain the same.”

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