Huawei¡¯s 5G Smartphone Shipments Exceed 10 Million

Updated:2020/2/26 21:14

By January this year, Huawei's 5G smartphone shipments had exceeded 10 million, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, said at the online end-product and strategy launch event on Feb 24.

According to C114, the 5G smartphones Huawei previously released included Mate X, Mate 20 X (5G), Mate 30 series (5G), Nova 6 (5G) and Honor V30 (5G).  Along with the launch of Kirin 990£¬Huawei’s 5G mobile phones also evolved into the second generation.

As an indispensable part and the link closest to consumers in the 5G development, 5G smartphones attracted input of handset manufacturers. Huawei was undoubtedly the most prominent one for this aspect.

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