OPPO Expects 1st 5G Mobile Communication Later This Year

Updated:2018/6/25 13:55

In the IMT-2020 (5G) summit which was held in the past few days, Tang Hai, director of standard research and development center of OPPO claimed that OPPO planned to activate the first 5G voice communication on OPPO mobiles with the Internet vendors by the second half of 2018 and bring pre-commercial smart mobile devices in 2019. It is expected the commercial 5G mobile could be available on the market in 2020.

According to Tang Hai, finding the ultimate 5G application is much more important than 5G ends while OPPO believes the ubiquitous reality is going to be a unique feature of 5G eMBB.

Ubiquitous refers to merging visual objects observed in different places in real time, or in other words, seamlessly combining visual objects on both the proximal end and far end. Authentic xReality experience could be realized that users could not even notice whether the scenes they observed was a close shot or a distant view and where these images were generated. Such application, as the best practice of 5G eMBB, exerted extremely high demand on the high rate and low delay.

For example, “Ready Player One” is a movie about xReality scene. Purely uploading VR/AR images that generated by local visual objects can be realized on high-speed 4G, for which 5G technology is not a requirement. However, in achieving ubiquitous reality, visual objects from different places in the world and on the web are required to be emerged in real time. The constantly changing visual objects are highly dependent on the high rate and low delay of 5G. 4G on the other hand, is not compatible with such technology.

Specifically, VR experience that is totally different from the traditional£¬it is a concept that is generated by merging visual images on the local site and the cloud via 5G. If integrating visual images stored in the local and the cloud with true visual objects, AR is produced accordingly. If integrating true visual objects in the local network with the cloud, xReality can offer unprecedented experience to users.


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