The first 5G-A scale networking demonstration in China has been completed

Updated:2024/2/5 21:23

Beijing Unicom and Huawei have recently completed a 5G-A scale network demonstration, achieving continuous coverage of three key scenes: the city center financial street, the historical long-distance building, and the large-scale comprehensive sports stadium Beijing Workers Stadium. The actual road test results show that the peak downlink speed of 5G-A users has reached 10Gbps, with a continuous experience exceeding 5Gbps. It has successfully demonstrated high and low frequency coordination, flexible deployment of outdoor and indoor 5G-A devices, and completed practical applications such as naked eye 3D, ultra-high definition shallow compression real-time production system, XR separation rendering, etc.

It is reported that this is the first 5G-A scale networking demonstration in China. In the car network evaluation, the peak downlink speed of 5G-A users reached 10Gbps, and the continuous experience exceeded 5Gbps, which is 10 times better than 5G. Considering the potential feature of continuous point deployment in the future commercial 5G-A, this experience also focuses on increasing the high and low frequency coordination process in non continuous coverage situations, with no user experience during switching and smooth business operation.

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