CBN's 5G Users Surpass 23 Million

Updated:2024/2/22 15:35

According to the information released by the Development and Research Center of the National Radio and Television Administration on February 20th, by the end of 2023, all 31 provinces in China have established provincial-level radio and television network companies, with nearly half of the provinces achieving integration of "one province, one network." The majority of county-level network users have been successfully integrated, providing necessary technological and network infrastructure for large-scale, intensive, and intelligent operations. China Broadcasting Network continues to promote the operation management system of "unified construction, unified management, unified standards, and unified brand," forming a convergence center for high-quality content and a television new format focused on intelligent recommendations for users.

In terms of 5G network construction, China Broadcasting Network has completed the migration of the 700MHz frequency and the construction of single-frequency networks. It has built over 600,000 700MHz 5G base stations, with the number of 5G users exceeding 23 million. The national basic business support capability of the broadcasting network has been comprehensively upgraded, officially forming a comprehensive business operation system.

China Broadcasting Network has been promoting 5G channels in multiple regions and achieving diverse television services through set-top boxes, smart TVs, and coordination with small screens such as mobile phones and tablets. The process of high-definition and ultra-high-definition has accelerated significantly, with high-definition becoming the basic mode of television broadcasting.

By the end of 2023, there were a total of 1,115 high-definition channels and 10 ultra-high-definition channels operated by prefecture-level and above broadcasting institutions nationwide. All provincial-level channels have achieved high-definition, while the high-definition rates of prefecture-level and county-level channels reached 96% and 52% respectively. The new technologies and applications of smart broadcasting continue to broaden and deepen.

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