Huawei 5G Core Named "Leader" for the Sixth Consecutive Year by GlobalData

Updated:2024/3/6 11:01

In its latest edition of “5G Mobile Core: Competitive Landscape Assessment report,” GlobalData rated Huawei 5G Core as a "Leader" in the 5G mobile core network field for the sixth consecutive year. The authoritative consulting firm also awarded Huawei’s Core full scores in all dimensions for the first time. Since the inception of this report in 2018, Huawei is the only vendor to ever get perfect scores in all dimensions.

mobile core GlobalData

Source: 5G Mobile Core: Competitive Landscape Assessment, by GlobalData

In the report, GlobalData highlights the unique competitive advantages of Huawei 5G Core products. By leveraging Cloud Native architecture, Huawei 5G Core converges full-range services across the 2G to 5G spectrum, marking an industry first. The solution also stands out with an innovative disaster recovery (DR) architecture for high reliability. And on top of this, Huawei provides professional integration and O&M services with extensive experience. All of the above capabilities have made Huawei 5G Core a market leader in terms of the in-depth and broad commercial use.

The report also highlights the value of calling and 5GtoB services as well as the Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) solution centered on Huawei 5G Core. In terms of calling, Huawei's industry-leading Single Voice Core (SVC) solution featuring full convergence can provide voice services for the 2G to 5G range, as well as VoIP and VoWiFi services. In addition, by continuously upgrading the intelligence and Data Channel (DC) based interaction capabilities, Huawei has been strengthening its innovative New Calling solution, so as to help operators revamp traditional voice services. The Huawei 5GtoB solution is helping to advance industrial digital transformation by providing various applications, including Mobile VPN, the Kite-like solution, and 5G LAN. On top of this, the Huawei ADN solution introduces cutting-edge technologies, such as digital twins, multi-modal O&M large models, and intent-driven technologies, to provide operators with O&M services featuring agile delivery, high reliability, and optimized experiences throughout the lifecycle of the core network, from network planning to construction, maintenance, and optimization.

mobile core GlobalData

Source: 5G Mobile Core: Competitive Landscape Assessment, by GlobalData

The report further mentions that Huawei continuously dedicates more investment capital toward 5.5G Core, for which intelligence is also a key feature. The intelligence of 5.5G Core is manifested in services, networks, and O&M. To realize service intelligence, Multi-Modal Communications (MMC) capabilities have been developed to enable new services, such as real-time translation and real-time voice driven avatars. In terms of network intelligence, the Network Intelligence Enabler (NIE) is utilized for dynamic service experience assurance, facilitating closed-loop management of experiences and service monetization based on differentiated experiences. As for O&M intelligence, the Digital Assistant & Digital Expert (DAE) solution has been developed to reshape cloud-based O&M approaches, reducing O&M workloads and improving efficiencies.

The rapid ascent of 5.5G is making operators and equipment vendors pay more attention to the development and innovation of core networks. Recognizing this, Huawei will continue to promote the growth and commercialization of 5G and 5.5G core solutions, helping global operators fast-track the development of telecom services and unlock greater business success.

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