Brand-new Calling in 5G

Updated:2023/1/12 08:54

In September 2022, China Mobile partnered with Huawei to successfully launch three New Calling services in Jiangsu province: visualized voice calling, barrier-free communication, and fun calling. In the following months, New Calling has undergone considerable optimizations.

Enriching service scenarios with upgraded technology

As a pioneer in network construction and service innovation, Jiangsu Mobile takes the lead in launching New Calling services nationwide, where their users can stay ahead of the curve by enjoying ultra-HD video calling. Recently, New Calling has been enabled to support more application scenarios to fulfill the needs of different user groups.

Visualized voice calling is an upgrade to the existing voice calling. It enriches traditional voice calling with multimedia. Users can customize or select their personal avatars. During the conversation, users can present their avatars as images or videos to the other side, displaying personal and enterprise images, providing auxiliary information, and making the call process more interesting and interactive.

Real-time translation will change the way we interact with not only other cultures, but will effectively bridge the communication gap when interacting with hard of hearing individuals and the older generation. It includes large font designed for the elderly, speech-to-text transcription, language translation, dialect translation, and sign language translation.

The fun calling service can provide more interactive functions. In a conversation, users can pretend to be cartoon characters, set virtual backgrounds, and use special gesture and sound effects.

Leveraging mobile network advantages to develop innovative 5G applications

Jiangsu Mobile has been committed to building high-quality networks. It combines 5G with the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing to build an integrated intelligent service platform and an omni-channel service network at users' fingertips. Jiangsu Mobile provides around-the-clock online services and more than 20,000 offline service channels across the province, meeting users' various service requirements. In addition, Jiangsu Mobile has constructed more than 100,000 5G base stations, which enables extensive 5G network coverage to provide a powerful environment for fast service innovation.

New Calling revolutionizes traditional calling services. It adds data channels to VoNR-based multimedia real-time communication, delivering users a plethora of interaction services, in addition to HD audio and video calling. In this regard, operators will remain committed to building an open New Calling ecosystem and working with industry partners to explore more service scenarios and applications.

Currently, Jiangsu Mobile is introducing intelligent processing capabilities to develop a series of value-added services on top of video calling. It opens data channel capabilities to enable real-time interactive calling services, such as intelligent customer service, screen sharing, and remote assistance. Jiangsu Mobile has also made great efforts to upgrade their networks and promote the collaboration of upstream and downstream industries.

Friendly user recruitment in January

A product must go through continuous iterations and optimizations before it succeeds. User feedback helps identify the strengths and shortcomings of a product and determine the development direction. Beginning from this month, Jiangsu Mobile will start to recruit 'friendly users' from the province, especially those who are willing to participate in a test and provide feedback on related products. The sign-up will be available in the Jiangsu Mobile service center app. After the application is approved, you can become a 'friendly user' and can experience New Calling services for free, without changing your SIM cards, numbers, or terminals.

In addition to experiencing New Calling services, you will be rewarded with a 200-minute video call package. After providing feedback, you have a chance of winning a maximum of CNY¥500 call fees in a lucky draw.

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