China Mobile Aims to Increase 70 Million Customers of 5G Data Plans in 2020

Updated:2020/3/20 23:06

China Mobile unveiled its 2019 annual reports yesterday.

In terms of individual customers, it gained a net increase of 25.21 million in 2019, totaling 950 million. The mobile phone data increased by 90.3% and DOU reached 6.7GB. The ARPU of China Mobile is 49.1 yuan, maintaining its leadership in the industry.

In terms of family-based customers, the customers of home broadband of China Mobile reached 172 million in 2019, increasing 17.1%.

In terms of government and enterprise market, the number of its government and enterprise customers had reached 10.28 million by the end of 2019, increasing 43.2%.

China Mobile made clear and specific development goals in 2020: a net increase of 70 million customers of 5G data plans (2.55 million by the end of 2019); a net increase of 12 million home broadband customers (172 million by the end of 2019); the number of government and enterprise customers exceeds 13 million (10.28 million by the end of 2019).

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