China Mobiles 5G Scale Test Enters the Final Phase

Updated:2019/7/21 13:37

China Mobile's 5G scale test has now entered the last phase, from fixed-point testing to traversal testing, from chip to terminal, from single-manufacturer testing to multi-manufacturer interoperability. SA is now from F30 agreement to F40 agreement.

By the end of May this year, China Mobile has completed the main content of NSA to support the pre-commercial use. In September, the end-to-end functional and performance testing of SA will be completed to support the pre-commercial use of SA vertical industry this year. The main content of the first order of SA will be completed by the end of this year to support the commercial use of SA in 2020. According to the current test results, Zhou Sheng believes that the 5G NSA industry is in a critical stage where end-to-end interoperability is achieved, peak speed for some single-manufacturer users is guaranteed and business demonstration capabilities are possessed.

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