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China Proposes ¡°Global Initiative on Data Security¡±

Updated:2020/9/9 17:33

State councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi delivered a speech at a high-level international seminar with the theme of “seizing digital opportunities for cooperation and development”, and proposed the “Global Initiative on Data Security”.

Wang Yi said China is willing to propose the “Global Initiative on Data Security” in order to jointly establish a cyberspace featuring peace, security, openness, cooperation and order. The elements of the initiative are:

1.Approach data security with an objective and rational attitude, and maintain an open, secure and stable global supply chain.

2.Oppose using information and communication technology (ICT) activities to impair other states’ critical infrastructure or steal important data.

3.Take actions to prevent and put an end to activities that infringe upon personal information, and oppose abusing ICT to conduct mass surveillance against other states or engage in unauthorized collection of personal information of other states.

4.Ask companies to respect the laws of host countries, and desist from coercing domestic companies into storing data generated and obtained overseas in one’s own territory.

5.Respect the sovereignty, jurisdiction and governance of data of other states, and avoid asking companies or individuals to provide data located in other states.

6.Meet law enforcement needs for overseas data through judicial assistance or other appropriate channels.

7.ICT products and services providers should not install backdoors in their products and services to illegally obtain user data.

8.ICT companies should not seek illegitimate interests by taking advantage of users’ dependence on their products.

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