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MIIT Posted China's Telecom Service Quality Announcements in Q1

Updated:2017/5/16 13:40

MIIT posted China's telecom service quality announcements in the first quarter recently.

By the end of 1Q17, China's telephone users hit 1.548 billion including 1.345 billion mobile phone users.

The "Broad China" strategy is being advanced and the broadband speed has been increasingly raised. Fixed broadband users reached 311 million, of which users with broadband of 20Mbps or above represent 82.8 percent and those with broadband of 50Mbps or above accounted for 49 percent. Mobile broadband user base was taken to 997 million with a 74.1 percent share. Among them, 4G users grew 66.27 million rapidly to 836 million.

The telecom network and the Internet operate stably.

In Q1, the mobile Internet access traffic increased 123 percent to 3.83 billion GB; fixed Internet broadband access traffic maintained a fairly rapid growth reaching 40.4 billion GB; smartphone shipments continued to increase, up 6.2 percent YoY to 112 million; IoT device users climbed 56.4 percent to 114 million year over year.

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