Users of Unicom 5G Enjoy Peak Download Speed Faster than 2000Mbps

Updated:2020/10/19 23:06

According to Fan Yunjun, deputy general manager of China Unicom, China Unicom and China Telecom co-constructed and shared the 5G network, so that the 5G network of both sides could reach doubled coverage, doubled frequency and doubled speed for users. So far, China Unicom has set 330,000 5G base stations cumulatively. In addition, combined with multi-carrier aggregation, users of Unicom now enjoy a peak speed higher than 2000Mbps, the fastest network speed at the moment.

China Unicom is also actively building the new generation highspeed broadband network. Currently, FTTH has covered more than 300 million households, and nearly 40,000 residential communities. China Unicom hopes that FTTH can further reach every room and every desktop, serving more families and industries with high-quality network layout and the integrated cloud network.

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