China Unicom Charts out a Plan for 5G Millimeter Wave

Updated:2020/8/31 20:48

Recently, according to Mr. Li Fuchang, deputy director of Wireless Technology Research Department of China Unicom Research Institute, the global industry chain of millimeter wave has already possessed commercial ability with equipment function and performance as well as terminal capability to be improved. As far as he is concerned, currently the application of millimeter wave is still confronted with five challenges. China Unicom will drive a faster development of its industry chain by pilot test.

As the only operator partner of 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games, China Unicom needs to fulfill the requirements of BOCOG about new network technology. China Unicom will facilitate the maturity of millimeter wave industry chain and match up with the venue construction by BOCOG with applications as the propellant.

China Unicom will drive a faster development of domestic industry chain by conducting millimeter wave pilot test at winter Olympic scenes to serve for Science and Technology Winter Olympics, showcase the strength of China’s communication industry and reflect the role of Chinese state-owned enterprises. It will also try to take the lead in this industry, get prepared regarding equipment, chip and terminal, seize the opportunity of technology and deployment, and expand its application areas.

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