China Tower will Make 5G Faster, Better and More Efficient

Updated:2018/9/4 15:32

Since established in 2014, China Tower has invested CNY146.3 billion and delivered 1.86 million towers. It has participated in the construction of infrastructure for high-speed rail and subway network,covering 13,000 kilometers and 96 metros. During the three years since its establishment, it has boosted the development of 4G network for the three major operators.

Faced with the need for more base stations and difficulty of 5G site selection, China Tower put forward two solutions: one is to use urban lighting poles and other facilities for 5G base station construction with estimated scale of 10-12 million; another is to control the scale of new base stations and greatly reduce the difficulty of deploying 5G.

China Tower is committed to building tens of millions of site resources for the large number of sites needed by the three major operators in the 5G Era. As of the end of June, China Tower has acquired 8.17 million social resources, including the poles of the two major power companies,the lamp poles of the city, the monitoring poles and the poles of the residential quarters, and will continue to expand transmission, pipeline and other resources. In the future, the comprehensive solution of the China Tower will enable the utilization of social resources to reach 85%, that is, new resources only account for 15% of the total.

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