Chinese Firms Assume 4 Speaker Posts Among 5 3GPP 5G Network Architecture Projects

Updated:2017/6/14 14:48

3GPP has started conducting the second-phase research of 5G network architecture, and set up five research projects, Tan Shiyong, leader of the network technology group of the IMT-2020(5G) promotion group said at the 5G technology industry innovation forum on June 12.

Speaker positions of four research projects have been occupied by three Chinese companies - Huawei caught 2, ZTE 1 and China Unicom 1, while there were totally five projects.

The IMT-2020(5G) promotion group began the standard research two years ahead of 3GPP while the two have been setting out the test standard synchronously.

During the second-phase test, the service-based architecture which is made by the IMT-2020(5G) promotion group has been confirmed as the only form of the 5G network architecture.

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