China¡¯s 5G Subscribers Added 17 Million in February

Updated:2021/3/24 08:44

Recently, China's three major telecom operators disclosed their operational data for February 2021. In that month, China's 5G package subscribers increased by 16.986 million, of which China Mobile increased by 4.197 million, China Unicom increased by 6.589 million, and China Telecom increased by 6.2 million. The total number of 5G package subscribers in China has reached 361.081 million, of which China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom have accumulated 173.168 million, 84.543 million, and 103.37 million, respectively.

The total number of mobile subscribers in China has reached 1595.969 million. Among them, there was a net decrease of 3.692 million for China Mobile, a net decrease of 20,000 for China Unicom, and a net increase of 250,000 for China Telecom. The cumulative total of mobile subscribers were 937.169 million households, 306 million households, and 352.8 million households respectively.

In terms of fixed-line business, in that month, the number of China Mobile's subscribers increased by 2.013 million, reaching a total of 215.7 million; China Unicom achieved a net increase of 256,000 subscribers, reaching 87.163 million subscribers; China Telecom achieved a net increase of 560,000 subscribers, and the total number of subscribers reached 160.43 million.

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