China Mobile-CBN 700MHz 5G Network Construction and Sharing Duly Initiated

Updated:2021/1/27 22:58

Beijing, January 26--China Mobile entered an agreement of cooperation over "5G strategy" with CBN, marking the start of the 700MHz 5G network construction and sharing.

The Agreement of Cooperation Framework involves four concrete cooperation agreements: Agreement of Cooperation on 5G Network Construction and Sharing, Agreement of Cooperation on 5G Network Maintenance, Agreement of Marketing Cooperation and Agreement of Settlement of Expenses for Network Usage.

It is separately clarified in the agreements as follows: First of all, the Parties shall make a joint effort on 700MHz 5G wireless network investment and construction by 1:1 ratio and hereby each represent 50% of network ownership, which forms the basis of the agreement on 700MHz 5G network construction and sharing.

Besides, China Mobile shall handle 700MHz wireless network O&M work and hereby get paid by CBN.

Moreover, the Parties shall act on the principle of independence of branding and business operation in marketing collaboration.

Last but not least, CBN shall pay China Mobile for network usage, covering 700MHz wireless network O&M, 700MHz transmission & bearer network usage, and 2G/4G/5G network usage.

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