Huawei Offers 50%+ of 4G Primary Devices for China Mobile in Centralized Procurement

Updated:2020/9/30 18:02

China Mobile lately finalized its 2020 centralized procurement of 4G primary devices. The centralized procurement is mainly concerned with FDD base stations and NB-IoT base stations.

Estimated size of centralized procurement: 42,500 FDD base stations (carrier frequency of approx. 118,500), including 7,600 new LTE FDD 900M base stations and 34,900 new LTE FDD 1800M base stations; 160,000 NB-IoT base stations (including 19,800 new base stations and 140,200 base stations with expanded software capacity).

Through single source procurement, all the existing network vendors are granted with a share. According to preliminary statistics of C114 editors, Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, Nokia and DT Mobile account for 53.88%, 30.33%, 11.65%, 4.37% and 0.27% respectively.

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