China Mobile Published 5G Operation Data for the First Time

Updated:2020/2/21 15:19

China Mobile published its operation data in January 2020. This month, China Mobile saw a net decrease of 862 thousand mobile users, and the total number of mobile users reached 949.415 million.

In particularly, China Mobile published its 5G operation figures for the first time: By the end of January, there had been 6. 736 million 5G package subscribers, which, as China Mobile specified, only include individual mobile subscribers of 5G packages and do not include those who have shared access to 5G package resources but have not subscribed to any 5G package.

In January, China Mobile saw a net decrease of 170 thousand 4G users, and the total number of 4G users reached 757.844 million. The net number of ADSL users increased by 1.23 million, totaling 188.271 million.

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