China Telecom may not allow CDMA System in 5G Terminals Next Year

Updated:2019/12/16 09:52

It is said that, China Telecom requires that, since 2020, no CDMA frequency band or system would be allowed in 5G terminals, and there shall be no VoLTE switch; If the CDMA frequency band and system have been reported, the time arranged to remove them shall be clarified, and no CDMA frequency band or system could appear on the access certificate and CMII ID.

In fact, since the end of the 3G period, China Telecom had had the intention to reduce CDMA internet investment and fully invest on LTE; in the 4G period, with the increase of China Telecom’s industrial appeal in the mobile market and popularization of full Netcom, VoLTE smart phones, the China Telecom had the confidence to completely say goodbye to CDMA.

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