China Unicom Launches 5G Experience Scheme: Free 100GB Data Plan

Updated:2019/8/7 07:57

Recently China Unicom has released a short-term 5G experience plan to give 100GB each month free months, which can enjoy 1Gbps 5G rate at the maximum. This 5G experience data plan does not distinguish 4G network and 5G network and will expire automatically at the end of September.

According to the announcement, users who buy 5G cellphone in August and September can access to 5G network through 5G cellphone without changing the SIM card or cellphone number. However, users will only be provided with 5G download rate less than 100Mbps without applying for the experience data plan. Only with the data plan will the users be offered 5G download rate not higher than 1Gbps.

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