China Mobile 5G Joint Innovation Center Starts 17 Projects

Updated:2017/7/4 16:23

China Mobile 5G joint innovation center is goal-oriented and will carry out work in five aspects, Yang Guang, deputy director of the department of wireless & terminal at China Mobile Research Institute, said at the China Mobile 5G Joint Innovation Center Partner Conference on June 29.

The five aspects involve end-to-end technologies, solutions and products, innovative applications and business, innovative business mode, innovative application result display and practice, and innovation and entrepreneurship incubation.

China Mobile open laboratory can offer four open capacities to the joint center members, such as basic experimental environment, application incubation capacity, maturity test certification of the hatching results and publicity display platform.

There have been 78 companies joining the 5G joint innovation center and becoming partners of China Mobile. China Mobile 5G joint innovation center will start 17 projects involving 39 partners in 2017.

The open laboratory, according to Mr. Yang, has released the innovation application research report which focuses on the intelligent bicycle communication capability, UAV networking needs and network capabilities, moving edge calculation and intelligent parking communication program.

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