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China¡¯s 3 Major Carriers Invested Over CNY 40 Billion in Universal Service for the Past 3 Years

Updated:2018/10/18 15:49

Since the end of 2015, the central government's financial funds have driven China's three major telecom operators to invest over CNY 40 billion to implement universal service of telecom, supporting fiber access in 130,000 administrative villages, including 43,000 poor villages.

According to introduction by Wen Ku, the Head of Information and Communications Development Department of MIIT, up to this September, the proportion of fiber access in China's administrative villages has reached 96%, the coverage rate of 4G networks has reached 95%, and the proportion of broadband access in poor villages has exceeded 94%. 90% of the goal set in the 13th Five-Year Plan has been realized ahead of schedule.

It is understood that the "upgraded version" of the universal service of telecom has been launched, that is, on the basis of the basic access of fiber network in administrative villages, to support the construction of 4G networks in administrative villages, border areas and island areas, and to strive to achieve fiber access in 98% of administrative villages, 4G networks access in 98% of administrative villages and broadband access in 98% of poor villages before 2020.

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