China Tower has Built 258 Thousand 5G Base Stations

Updated:2020/6/7 19:27

At the "First Anniversary of 5G Licensing Online Summit" yesterday, Zhang Quan, deputy general manager of China Tower, said that in the past year, China Tower had given full play to the advantages of large-scale construction and professional operation and made every effort to support 5G network construction. Up to now, 258 thousand 5G base stations have been built.

Because of higher frequency, more dense station location and more power consumption, the construction and operation cost of 5G will be 2-4 times that of 4G. Therefore, it has become the consensus of the whole industry to further deepen the co-construction and sharing and reduce costs through sharing. 97% of the 5G base stations built at present have been realized through sharing. Sharing has laid a solid foundation for the cost reduction and quick deployment of 5G network construction.

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