Liaoning to Build and Open 20005 5G Base Stations in 2020

Updated:2020/5/14 08:40

A few days ago, Liaoning Provincial Communications Administration proposed to guarantee the investment and construction task of "building and opening of 20005 5G base stations in 2020, with an investment of 11 billion yuan completed" on schedule.

The goal proposed by Liaoning Provincial Government for the building of 5G communication network in 2020 is to open more than 20,000 5G base stations in the province, achieve 5G network coverage in 14 cities, speed up the demonstration of 5G applications in various industries in the province and promote the building of 100 "5G + Industrial Internet" demonstration factories and demonstration parks.

As of May 8, Liaoning Province has opened 4674 new 5G base stations this year, achieving 23.36% of the target; with the strong support of relevant government departments at all levels, 3674 difficult site problems have been solved.

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