China Mobile, Huawei, ZTE Complete First Slicing Packet Network Lab Test

Updated:2017/10/19 15:44

Recently, the first phase of the next generation 5G transmission system Slicing Packet Network (SPN) test succeeded in China Mobile Research Institute, which is proposed by China Mobile and jointly developed by Huawei, ZTE and FiberHome.

SPN is a new transmission network technology system led by China Mobile Research Institute with forwarding plane based on "Segment Routing transport profile" + "Slicing Ethernet" + "DWDM", control plane utilizing SDN and innovation technologies in the physical layer, link layer and forwarding control layer which meet the demands of 5G and the future transport network.

This test mainly validated key Slicing Ethernet functions in the SPN systems of the vendors, including cross, hard isolation, low delay & low jitter and mixed transmission, solved the encapsulation problems in SE layers and realized interconnection.

In addition, ultra low-delay is the basic requirement on transmission system in the 5G era, which all the tested devices are up to. The single PE node forwarding delay is up to 10us and 1us in best conditions while the single P node forwarding delay is up to 4usand 500ns at its best.

It is the first new lab technology validation test in 5G transmission handled by China Mobile Research Institute, which indicates China Mobile’s technological leadership in 5G transmission field.

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