MTK Denying Being Used by Huawei for Purchasing TSM Chips

Updated:2020/6/2 18:17

MTK solemnly clarified its denial of the latest Nikkei Business report that Huawei was open to purchasing TSM chips via MTK.

The report said that Huawei was working on measures to defy tightened export restrictions of the U.S. Government. Confronted with challenging direct trading with TSM, Huawei has already come up with a solution through deliberation--to purchase chips made by TSM via MTK.

However, MTK announced that it was under categorically no circumstances of violation or fraud of relevant laws. The false report has seriously affected its reputation and requested for correction by media concerned. MTK keeps complying with relevant international trading stipulations and all of its mobile phone products are standard products, none of which are tailored for any specific customer.

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