China Exported 160 Million Mobile Phones from January to February

Updated:2021/4/7 13:14

According to the report of the Bureau of Operation Monitoring and Coordination, MIIT, China’s fixed-asset investment in electronic information manufacturing industry from January to February increased by 41.6% YoY, in comparison with an 8.3% decrease YoY by the same time last year. Among the main products, 210 million mobile phones were produced, a 49.2% increase YoY; of them, 140 million were smart phones, a 48.8% increase YoY; 57.25 million microcomputer devices were produced, a 1.1-fold increase YoY; and 53.3 billion integrated circuits were produced, a 79.8% increase YoY.

According to the customs’ statistics, from January to February, China exported 33.28 million laptops, a 1.4-fold increase YoY; exported 160 million mobile phones, a 32.6% increase YoY; exported 46.8 billion integrated circuits, a 47% increase YoY; and imported 96.4 billion integrated circuits, a 36% increase YoY.

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