CBN: 5G NR Broadcasting Is a New Path to Differentiated Development

Updated:2020/12/19 18:17

Zeng Qingjun, Deputy General Manager of China Broadcasting Network Corporation Ltd(CBN), said that CBN is exploring a new path to 5G development, where 5G NR broadcasting will be a new breakthrough point for CBN.

Zeng said that CBN will simultaneously carry out 5G communication network and 5G TV network construction, while providing mobile communication services and broadband access services based on the 5G network, as well as 5G NR-based services. The simultaneous rollout of the 5G NR TV services and 5G communication network is expected to bring new experiences to users.

"The ability of 5G equipment providers to provide equipment supporting the 5G NR broadcast and TV standard would be a strong technical guarantee for CBN to realize differentiated service, which would allow users access to wireless broadband and video services through broadcast protocols, as well as high-speed Internet services," he pointed out.

Focusing on the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, CBN plans to leverage on 5G NR TV services and millimeter-wave services to provide audiences at home and abroad with uninterrupted 5G broadcast and TV services that they can enjoy without having to change the end device.

According to reports, CBN has begun to provide 5G NR TV services on a large scale in Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, and Sichuan, etc.

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