China Mobile Suspended to Add New 2G IoT Users

Updated:2020/6/28 23:53

Based on the previous special survey, China Mobile has clearly confirmed the strategy to undertake 2G IoT business by NB-IoT and 4G Cat1/1bis technologies, and suspend to add 2G IoT users by 2020.

In order to accelerate the coverage of NB-IoT networks and promote the migration of 2G IoT services to NB-IoT networks, effectively enhance the retreat of 2G frequency and network and the refarming of 900MHz frequency, China Mobile has planned to build 118,000 NB-IoT base stations nation widely in 2020, and there will be a total of 350,000 base stations on the occasion.

The industry believes that, given that China Mobile has the world's largest IoT connection scale, but is still mainly based on 2G IoT business, it is necessary to take the measure to stop adding new 2G IoT users to the network and gradually realize the migration of existing users, and which is also considered as an urgent and challenging move of China Mobile.

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