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China Mobile Completes the Unified Management of Miniaturized SPN Devices Across Manufacturers

Updated:2024/4/18 16:03

From March 25th to April 17th, China Mobile Group's Network Business Unit collaborated with the Design Institute, Research Institute, and Inner Mongolia Mobile to conduct a pilot verification of miniaturized SPN device management and control decoupling at the Hohhot Cloud Computing Data Center.

This verification covered seven recently procured miniaturized SPN devices and utilized a unified management and control system provided by the Design Institute for device integration. As of now, the automatic integration capability of devices from six manufacturers and the automatic activation capability of services from two manufacturers have been successfully verified, demonstrating the feasibility of network management decoupling and interoperability among different manufacturers. In collaboration with the transmission maintenance workstation within Inner Mongolia, management and control processes were formulated to achieve the full automation process of one click activation of the front-end mobile app, automatic integration of back-end devices, and automatic service activation, thereby achieving a one-time on-site activation capability.

Once construction personnel complete device power-on and fiber laying, they initiate a device integration request through the mobile app. The transmission maintenance workstation then automatically integrates the device using the miniaturized SPN network management system and the transmission network management system. After integration is completed, the integration results are fed back to the mobile app.

Construction personnel request service activation through the mobile app, and the transmission maintenance workstation activates the service using the miniaturized SPN network management system and the transmission network management system. After service activation, the activation results are fed back to the mobile app.

During the verification period, the average time for plug-and-play functionality was 10 minutes, greatly improving the efficiency of government-enterprise dedicated line service delivery. This approach brings convenience and timeliness to the activation process, similar to that of home broadband services.

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