China Mobile Aggregates 480,000 5G Base Stations in Centralized Procurement

Updated:2024/5/30 16:36

China Mobile Procurement and Bidding Network recently released a single-source procurement announcement for 2024-2025 5G wireless main equipment (2.6GHz/4.9GHz, 700MHz). The two procurements combined will gather approximately 480,000 5G base stations.

Among them, the 5G wireless main equipment (2.6GHz/4.9GHz) centralized procurement project involves the purchase of 374,829 self-built 5G base stations; the 5G wireless main equipment (700MHz) centralized procurement project, commissioned by China Broadnet, involves the purchase of 105,171 jointly built and shared 5G 700MHz base stations. The suppliers for both procurements include CICT, Nokia Shanghai Bell, Ericsson (China) , ZTE, and Huawei. However, neither announcement disclosed the share of the procurement allocated to each supplier.

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