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China Mobile Marks the beginning of Commercial Operation for 400G OTN Backbone Network

Updated:2024/3/14 18:36

China Mobile recently held a conference in Beijing to announce the official commercial operation of the world's first 400G all-optical interprovincial backbone network, which was independently developed. By mid-year, China Mobile will achieve high-speed interconnection between eight major hubs across the country, establishing itself as the world's largest and most extensive operator of 400G all-optical interprovincial backbone networks.

The successful completion of the first interprovincial backbone network link and commercial operation of China Mobile's 400G OTN backbone network marks the beginning of the commercialization of large-scale 400G OTN all-optical networks. With the goal of creating a national treasure, the project adheres to the design concept of "optical-electric connectivity from east to west, and one network connecting the whole country." With a scale of over 1,900 sets of OTN devices in 135 cities nationwide, it achieves the widest coverage range in the world. With a network-wide scheduling capacity of over 30PB and a hub-to-hub delay of less than 20ms, it creates the world's strongest carrying capacity.

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