Gree Launch the First 5G Mobile Phone, but Only 71 Sold

Updated:2020/12/10 21:52

On December 7, Gree's first 5G mobile phone "TOSOT 5G mobile phone" has been launched in the official mall and relevant little program shop, at the official price from 2,699 yuan. And the products will be formally delivered on December 12.

TOSOT 5G mobile phone applies 6.81 inch LCD full blind-hole screen with a FHD+ resolution ratio, carrying Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G dual-mode 5G chip. From Gree Mall's data, till our release, the sales volume of two versions of TOSOT 5G mobile phone has just reached 71.

Compared with Gree's high-profile work at the beginning of producing mobile phone, Gree has rarely advertised for this 5G mobile phone.

Lots of investors have rejected Gree's messing up, in their view, Gree should concentrate on home appliances and orient towards Midea Group. However, someone thinks Gree's mobile phones are researched internally with little cost, so it's a nice trial as well.

From the perspective of configuration, TOSOT 5G mobile phone ought to be oriented towards mid-low-end market. But in terms of price, TOSOT 5G mobile phone lacks competitive force compared with mainstream mobile phones in the market, such as Redmi K30 5G mobile phones applying Snapdragon 765G as well at the price from 1,599 yuan, besides, this mobile phone has gained over 620 thousand comments from JD Mall's users.

Some industry insiders have demonstrated that smartphone may account for an important place in future smart home appliances, which reflects the reason that Gree sticks to making mobile phones.

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