China Mobile Announces to Purchase 5G Smart Phones in February Next Year

Updated:2018/7/11 17:32

China Mobile issued 5G Terminal Product Guide, in which China Mobile clearly stated that it is necessary to purchase test terminals and connection CPE in September this year, and complete delivery in November by the manufacturer. In February next year, China Mobile will purchase smart phones, the connective / integrative CPEV / VR / AR products, and request the manufacturer to deliver them in April in the same year; In July next year, China Mobile will purchase VR/AR&5G modules and request manufacturers to deliver them in September in the same year. In addition, China Mobile will also purchase the unmanned aerial vehicle, 5G PC / panel computer as appropriate.

In order to achieve this goal, China Mobile has formulated detailed 5G terminal product guidelines for the industry, involving R&D for 5G key technology, testing, verification and so on.

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