Huawei: China "Putting into Practice 5G" vs. Europe & U.S. "Talking about 5G"

Updated:2019/8/26 23:02

"China is 'putting into practice 5G' while Europe and the U.S. remain 'talking about 5G'," said Xu Zhijun, Rotating Chairman of Huawei, on last Friday.

 He divided the global market into three territories: the gulf countries, China and South Korea, working on massive construction and utilization; few European countries, the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand, working on "branding" by deploying hundreds of stations; countries that need years in the minimum to commercialize 5G for 4G networks are not yet built.

Xu Zhijun pointed out that China deployed over half of 4G base stations worldwide (51% by the end of 2018). Following this trend, China's 5G base stations will account for over half of the world's total, "so 5G development relies on China as well".

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