Trustworthy 5G Network Operation and Dispatching System Based on Multi-Operator BaaS Collaboration

Updated:2022/11/14 14:06

China Tower is the world's largest telecommunications tower infrastructure service provider, and the Company always adheres to the philosophy of shared development and implements the "One Core and Two Wings" strategy. The Company is principally engaged in the construction, maintenance and operation of base station ancillary facilities such as telecommunications towers, public network coverage in high-speed railways and subways, and large-scale indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Meanwhile, relying on unique resources to provide energy application services such as information application and intelligent battery exchange and power backup to the society, the Company strives to build itself into a world-class integrated information and communications infrastructure service provider and a highly competitive information and new energy applications provider.

China Tower conduct construction and maintenance work of tower sites in various regions of China and provide services for TSPs. With the growing scale of co-construction and sharing network. New challenges to network operation and dispatching, such as inconvenient data exchange, data inconsistency, and non-supervised network configurations, are arising accordingly, hampering cooperation efficiency and data accuracy.

To solve the above problems, based on the blockchain technology, China Tower ,China Telecom and China Unicom jointly built the world's first and largest 5G network operation and dispatching system based on multi-operator BaaS collaboration, enabling unified deployment of Tianyi Cloud and Tiangong Cloud, and achieving secure, reliable, and efficient network management.

The system is innovatively designed with three application scenarios, which are credential saving and verification of key parameters, determination of responsibility for work orders, and resource scheduling based on smart contracts. For these scenarios, the system provides five application capabilities, namely, joint data management, joint network planning, joint construction and scheduling, joint operations analysis, and joint office and collaboration, to ensure all the related units under the operators' hierarchical organizational structures coordinate well in networking planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization.

The system boasts the following major innovations.

1) Decentralized cross-cloud deployment of multiple-active databases to process data conflicts and implement data synchronization in real time.

2) Data uploading to blockchains with smart contracts and duplicate data management to ensure precise data processing.

3) Asynchronous data uploading based on blockchains, data caching, and automatic load balancing to significantly enhance the processing efficiency.

4) Cloud-network synergy, cross-cloud interworking, and cross-cloud networking and network governance, to guarantee highly reliable and stable services on the shared networks.

The system symbolizes a significant breakthrough in multi-operator BaaS collaboration. It enables not only independent management and control of each party's BaaS nodes, but also the decentralization of and collaboration between the BaaS nodes of different parties. In addition, the operators have jointly formulated standards and created patent clusters for blockchain-based network co-construction and sharing. Up to now, the major innovations have been certified by both China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) and China Institute of Communications (CIC), and won the award for 2022 Top Achievement of Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation in China's Telecom Industry. Moreover, the operators have developed the technical standards for multi-operator BaaS collaboration and promoted the development of these standards in China Communications Standards Association (CCSA).

In the future, the multi-operator BaaS collaboration will further enable trusted data exchange between BaaS nodes for all parties and integrate isolated data silos. By providing underlying blockchain services and scheduling capabilities, it improves the efficiency of trusted data exchange in all sectors of the industry. In network co-construction and sharing, multi-operator BaaS collaboration accelerates the industrialization of data-chain integration and the digital transformation of vertical industries, advancing global digital economy and social development.

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