China Telecom to Launch Its Pilot Operation-level Expanded-type 5G Cell Sites in 2021

Updated:2021/4/20 09:07

According to a notice on the official website of the China Telecom, the single source procurement mode will be adopted for the equipment items for the China Telecom to launch its pilot operation-level expanded-type 5G cell sites. The supplier designated for the single source procurement is the Guangdong Research Institute of the China Telecom Corporation Limited.

The notice shows that the majority of these equipment items are to be used in the pilot operation-level expanded-type 5G cell sites of its subsidiaries in Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Tianjin Province and Sichuan Province.

In such a 5G era, from the perspective of business demand, it is estimated that 70% to 80% of the services among the three main 5G typical scenes will be provided indoor, as be the main network traffic, which needs further upgrading the indicators of the indoor network.

Experts said that the indoor coverage capacity of macro site somewhat dropped because it is the high frequency band installations that are deployed in the applications of the 5G technology; meanwhile, it is hard for the traditional passive indoor coverage technology to satisfy the need of the 5G deployment as well as the new business needs in the industrial internet, telemedicine and other vertical industries. To meet the needs above, the demand for developing expanded-type 5G base stations has been being quite definite all the time.

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