China Unicom Planned to Realize Nationwide Commercial Use of 5G Slices in 2021

Updated:2020/12/19 18:19

Shou-ye Miao, the leader of China Unicom's 5G Co-construction and Sharing Working Group, stated that mobile internet is about to enter the 5G era. “It is estimated that by 2021, the penetration rate of 5G users in China will exceed the milestone of 20%.”

 According to reports, as of the end of this year, the scale of 5G base stations shared by China Unicom and China Telecom will reach 380,000, which will achieve 5G coverage in cities of prefecture-level and the above and key counties in China, and complete the target of jointly constructing "One Network". Meanwhile, the implementation of the co-construction and sharing strategy has also greatly saved 5G expenses, with CAPEX saving 40% and OPEX saving 35% annually. Based on such a co-built and shared network, the rate has been further improved, and created the world's highest 3.2Gbps peak experience rate of 200MHz full sharing.

Shou-ye Miao indicated that China Unicom is one of the first operators in the world to realize SA commercial network. In June of this year, China Unicom announced the commercialization of 2B SA network; in September, 2C SA was commercialized; in November, China Unicom realized the world's first commercial slicing in Beijing and Guangdong; and it is expected that by 2021, 5G slicing will be commercialized nationwide.

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