China Telecom Ke Ruiwen: Multi-supplier Strategy to be Adopted for Procurement of 5G Equipment

Updated:2020/8/19 17:09

Regarding whether the US ban on Huawei would affect the equipment supply of China Telecom, Ke Ruiwen, director of the corporation, stated that Huawei is an important partner of China Telecom. Unified equipment procurement standard would be adopted, and market principle would be performed. As stressed by Ke Ruiwen, communications network should be interconnected and relevant parties should be open to cooperation. Only in this way could the industry create greater value. 5G is an open-source technology, hence only cooperation could bring better development. 

In addition, Ke Ruiwen also stressed that China Telecom will apply the multi-supplier strategy, which means it would never purchase from one supplier in network construction, for diversified supply would enable the company to keep up with the future development trend.

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