5G News Whitepaper Jointly Released by Three Major Operators

Updated:2020/4/11 19:53

On April 8, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom jointly held an online conference to jointly release the 5G News Whitepaper.

5G message business is a brand-new upgrade of terminal native basic short message service.

For individual users, 5G message will break the limit of traditional short message on the length of each message, and the content will also break through the limit of text to achieve the effective integration of text, picture, audio, video, location and other information.

For enterprises, 5G message will provide information interaction interface with individual users. Enterprises can output personalized services and consultation to users through rich media such as text, voice and tabs.

5G message inherits the features of traditional SMS free login and installation free application, and further realizes the convenient and efficient information interaction. In addition, 5G message also supports encrypted transmission, graphic password and other information interaction modes, which can provide information security and protect user privacy.

In the future, users can easily use 5G message service by replacing 5G mobile phones or upgrading existing 4G/5G mobile phones.

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