China Mobile will Release 47 5G Terminals together with Partners

Updated:2019/11/15 22:17

During the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2019, China Mobile will release 47 5G terminals of 5 classes together with 34 partners, to strongly support 2C and 2B businesses in the first year of 5G for commercial use, said Wang Hengjiang, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Terminal.

5G terminals to be released by the 5G Terminal Pioneers Industry Alliance include 19 mobile phones, 7 AR/VR products, 5 chips, 7 CPEs, and 9 modules. What’s more, the distributed routing RM2, which is the private label of China Mobile, is the first “green routing”, the first Wi-Fi 6 distributed intelligent routing and the first G.hn + Wi-Fi dual-Mesh routing in the industry.

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