China Unicom: 21 Billion RMB Will be Invested in 5G Terminals in the Nest Two Years

Updated:2018/12/14 16:38

Today, a relevant personage of China Unicom said, “The first batch of 5G terminals issued globally, as long as the country issues the network access license, will be in China Unicom.”

As planned, in January 2019, China Unicom will begin to purchase test terminals; Issue 5G terminal NSA in 2019, Q1; launch 5G terminal NSA commercial trial, and issue the new 5G terminal in 2019, Q2; run 5G terminal NSA commercial trial in 2019, Q3; release 5G commercial terminal on a large scale at Q4, 2019.

From 2019 to 2020, China Unicom will continue to invest 21 billion to activate the 5G terminal market. Among them, 10 billion will be invested in e-vouchers (red envelopes) of Internet consumer privilege; 10 billion in instalment and secured purchases; 1 billion will be used as platform subsidies, which will mainly be used for installment fees, freight and so on.

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