China Telecom: World's First Carrier to Complete vBRAS 3-Layer Decoupling Test

Updated:2017/9/5 16:29

China Telecom has completed world's first vBRAS three-layer decoupling test jointly with the vendors in Beijing by the end of August, representing it has made an important breakthrough in the CTNet2025 network reconstruction.

Three layers refer to VNF(Virtualized Network Function), virtualization layer and hardware layer. The three-layer decoupling is one of the core goals of the CTNet2025 promotion for China Telecom, and key to the large-scale deployment of NFV(Network Functions Virtualization), and is helpful to the flexible deployment of new network services in the unified NFVI.

The test was carried out in the CTNet2025 Laboratory of China Telecom. Business functions, performance, reliability and lifecycle management of vBRAS were tested on the virtualization platforms of H3C, ZTE, VMware with results achieving the expectations.

vBRAS is the vital virtualized network element in metro networks. The test hugely raised the cross-platform decoupling deployment capabilities.

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